DO NOT WORK AT GOD TV A WHISTLEBLOWER AT LAST!!! Comment Update needs to spill the beans!

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So you want to work for GOD.TV. WELL DO NOT EVER.

I have been unlucky having worked for The office located in Plympton, Plymouth is seriously A BAD PLACE TO BE. It also a very depressing place to be.

If you are a non christian BEWARE – If you are a christian then you are not safe.

Where do I begin….

They DO NOT care about employees.
They will sack a person on the spot.
They have no real HR department and WILL NOT abide by laws.
They will hire perm people and FIRE you after a few months (cheap contractor).

The whole place is designed to rip off the viewers for their cash which will be spent on things it was not designed for.


I will post more that I learned if comments make it worthwhile. I have some good information.

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I am sorry for commenting on my own blog but I forgot some details which I hope will draw more people here as people will search the web for jobs in their area. I will put it as a comment. Please this is not spam.

What a surprise! I was surfing happenstance a search term on my blog when I come across this.

Quite frankly I am not surprised since the only people they care about are 1) themselves 2) the Ministry but not 3) the sheep.


I notice some interesting Comments see below plus Cockpit Post.

One Commenter says ‘it was a Chartered Flight’. OK let’s have the proof! a scan of the Flights details would be great as evidence.

Fired Employees can fire off anonymous emails detailing in detail their experience of working at God TV.

It is my wish that those people who have or are in their employ and unhappy with it spill the beans, I believe there are more than enough reasons to justify any grievances, the Ministries dire lack of finances are rather key and well known one.

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    • I only have the Post which I republished on this site.
      Any God TV Employees can post anonymously, comment anonymously and I will publish, provided accounts are accurate etc and posts will be redacted to protect names of Whistleblowers.

  1. How can you ensure me anonymity???
    How can I be sure you are not related to the Stephens, I mean the Alec’s, I mean the incestuous relationship of the people who run the hole!?

    • I am not related in any way to the Alecs and their incesterous set up. Years ago remarks about them being a ‘cultural incestous ghetto’.
      I can take you as you are and you can relate anonymoously to the site. I can gaurantee your annnonmity as I want to encourage whistelblowers to the site.
      God TV visits here under an exchange server with hidden search terms, they regard me as an enemy. I have to be absolutely sure I am on genuinely safe grounds with you as much as with me.
      best wishesxx

  2. Thay are all crooks,and should be band from tv it makes my blood boil all there doing is lining there own pockets and preaching a load of tripe . .we can all talk to god but we all know he doesn’t talk back its all lies.

    • God TV don’t listen at all to their Financial Director and so called ‘secular’ wisdom when it would actually save them, because it would constrain them.
      In addition they are rather in love with the Word-Faith Prosperity Gospel because it means they can commandeer their own Private Plane, enormous Mansions and in all likelihood handsome salaries for the designated key staff.
      What makes them all the more sinister is the dangerous and errant theology of Rick Joyner that not only means the Kansas City prophets go back on the rampage, under the auspices of Morningstar, but that the self same ‘apostles, prophets’ etc feel they are invested with god’s authority to DISMANTLE AND DISBAND ministries they feel [are coming in the way] of them.

      • I am gathering research information on God TV and would like to contact people who have been leaving critical posts

  3. Please kind people who have been leaving Redacted Posts please contact a Journalist who can if you wish interview you anonymously. it would be good to see God TV exposed by some good investigative Journalism. Redacted of course.
    God TV don’t want any external Media scrutinizing them.

    • What has change since the days of Jesus, they all said he was fake! people can be planted within God TV by Satan, we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with principalities we do not see I am not ashame to show my real email address, I don’t see those showing, I know Satan does not want God TV on air, I will not be surprise to know the people who want discredit God TV are against Jesus are are planted there to discredit ! but as jesus said the gates of Hell shall not be prevail again his church

      • I love your optimism. Pity your analysis does not stand up to scrutiny, god tv are reckless with money, reckless ith the church they hate the church. Pitty their fans, pity thier fans,. I would rather god tv tried and fail to dismantle a work of mine than be a fan with that lot . I would expose them ruthlessly with no place to hide.

  4. To Researcher please could you give an email address and rewrite post in way that makes it easy for people on post to contact you. Thank you.



  7. I see that the misnamed G-TV is selling tickets for the “consecration” of their theatre in Plymouth for 75 UK Pounds per person. Wow! Don’t they love making money.
    I have been to the consecration of a real place of worship and while there was a collection where you could make a donation or not, no entry fees were sold.

    They really love money! Perhaps they haven’t heard about camels & eyes of needles.

    • It’s shocking. I think it’s partly a fundraising tactic a hidden admission that they don’t have funds to pay for the Gaumont which will cost£5m or $10m minus purchase costs. God TV aren’t known for their financial probity.

    • It is not even refurbished. I believe it is unlawful as well as illegal because YOU DO NOT host events on what is in effect a derelict building site.
      They are happy to risk 2500 people if they come to pretend they have a working Prayer and Revival Centre to bring Todd Bentley back of course.

  8. The demonic Benny Hinn, born Toufik Benedictus Hinn has decieved *millions* of people worlwide.

    Benny Hinn has never been able to produce any medical evidence for a single case of a miraculous healing of an organic disorder.

    Benny Hinn utilises hypnotic techniques that create the illusion that miracles are taking place.

    Now this demon is coming to Plymouth (United Kingdom) to team up with Wendy & Rory Alec, the demonic founders of God TV. The Alecs have supported evil Hinn from the time they started their satanic TV channel back in 1995 using 150,000 GBP escrow from a Luxemborg bank account. When interviewd at that time, Wendy & Rory were already cheerleading for Benny Hinn,

    “He [Jesus] wasn’t persecuted by the ordinary people! They loved him! If someone is desperately ill and they watch Benny [Hinn] on television, and because of the anointing that comes through they’re healed – that makes everything worthwhile. Everything worthwhile.” (Wendy Alec).

    Now God TV is ebstablishing its base in Plymouth (United Kingdom) & evil Benny Hinn is conducting the so-called consecration ‘event’ as part of a 3-day special between 29-31 January 2014,

    Benny Hinn has made hundreds of millions of dollars from exploiting desperate, vulnerable adults & children worldwide & Wendy & Rory Alec have enabled & facilitated Hinn’s deceit by broadcasting his toxic brand of Faith Healing for nearly 20 years & Hinn has paid the Alecs handsomely for spreading his twisted propaganda across the globe.

    Truther time is here for all 3 of them!

    The Alecs aim to con their TV audience out of $38m as part of their current fundraising scheme & are selling name plates for seats at their new Plymouth venue for $1500 a pop for 1351 seats in total, along with Bibles that they’re *selling* for $5000 but you don’t even get to keep the bible that you buy, you gotta sign it & give it back to them to bury under a plynth on the stage of the venue – for real 🙂

    They call this part of their fundraising campaign “Standing on The Word of God” 🙂 Oh, by the way they plan on burying at least 250 signed bibles at $5000 per bible, so you can do the math on that!

    • Its a hate to discredit God TV, but they will have fight on their hands. They are so clueless , you come with lying men and women and lawyers, what can man do. God TV comes with the mighty hand of God, his arms are not to short!! as Christians we don’t fight our fight, we leave that up to God, he will direct our path, and the hole you are digging for God TV you will fall into it.

      • I am used to those who curse me for casting a critical eye over them, boring. Jesus protecting me, the church is unsafe in their hands as are peple.

      • God knows everything about those who claim to speak His words, but which are their own. He has allowed them to do what they have done, for His purposes, but they do not know Him, or even believe in Him, otherwise they would not do such things. When the time is right, the truth will be revealed.

      • Rick joyner Morningstar, Cross Rhythms all cesspits of false erroneous Domnionist doctrine. I wish people would recognise these American Dominionist False prophets for what they are and cease supporting them. I can’t wait for them to fall. But when!!!??

  9. Personally speaking whether your comments are true or not I presume you arent christians, as I find your tacticts, slanderous and offensive, divisive comments at best appalling but basically ungodly responses. I have been to many different places of worship and as all from different streams of christianity. Each having a different emphasis, role and not always fully my bag but have let the understanding of different parts of the body but still one body be a base for my understanding. I have a great understanding of spiritual abuse/heavy shepherding and financial abuse, being so destroyed by a previous ministry it has taken years of God re-building me and my family and God tv has been a huge part of our rehabilitation. At one time if I heard anyone ask for money I would become extremely distressed. God has freed me from this now and I understand the principles of sewing and reaping. However I could watch a multitude of christian channels or attend many different ministries and now only give as I feel the Holy spirit leading without condemnation. I believe if you are walking with God you have the freedom to do this. I may not agree with everything from anyone minister or ministry, but God gives us liberty to use our free will to judge for ourselves. I pray that you will let God be your judge and do as the scriptures tell you to pray for eg God tv that Gods will be done, and repentance and humility for those who are reacting out of offence!

    • I published your critical comment. God TV doesn’t and chooses to use spin and PR to tell the Ministry stories they want the public to hear. On this blog you get the truth. I don’t care if you think I am godly of Holy spirit etc. I do know that years ago I did something in prayer by breaking all their rules that got them to promote me.

  10. You might be interested to know that there is an employment tribunal hearing (whistle blowing) due to start May 19th in Exeter. Expect some very interesting and newsworthy information will be revealed.

  11. This is a British (South African) attempt to cash in on the Prosperity Gospel preached by all those charlatans across the pond. The distortion of ‘as you sow so shall you reap’ has been perpetuated for far too long. This refers to good works enriching you in heaven – not on earth and has nothing to do with prosperity on earth.
    From the state of Wendy’s nails most of the money generated must be spent on their upkeep. Love her antics when she is in spirit – what a joke and surely only the desperate or feeble minded could be taken in by such a phoney performance.
    Hope God TV crumbles in the dust – oh how I wish the God that crushed the enemies of Israel would come out of retirement and deal harshly with these bogus pedlars of delusion.

  12. Justin Hughes, who uses the name “lucaslabrador”, has put a video onto YouTube in which he rages against GOD TV. His criticisms include their well known addiction to money. He invites whistle-blowers to contact him in confidence and goes so far as to suggest that there may be a degree of money laundering deep in the Plymouth operation,.

    Less plausibly he goes on to suggest that GOD TV is somehow associated with the Catholic Church, which is much less probable than his assertions about the money.

    Anyway, judge for yourselves; you’ll find him on YouTube either by name or as lucaslabrador.

  13. Further to the observations made above.
    Click onto GOD TV and I bet what you see will be about sending them more and more money, either through they preposterous “Rival Alert” twaddle or as a result of the shady people whose daft videos they replay.
    While I have very little in common with Justin Hughes’ theology, I do think he is correct in questioning the Stevens’ constant seeking money. Re-fitting the old cinema/club in Plymouth may be entirely laudable but how much is being skimmed for such as their super manor house in Yealmpton? If Hughes’ assertion that there is money laundering then I think the authorities should be involved. I pay my taxes and would expect a heavy penalty if I cheated
    “Render unto Caesar the things that are ….etc. ”

    If they are crooks then the law should go after them…

  14. “if God is for us, who can be against us?”, says their website.

    Well, the Devon & Cornwall Police and the Charity Commissioners if an allegation of money laundering,, utterly ridiculous as it might seem wrt to these fine folk, can be proved.

    We await with interest……

  15. It has to be conclusively proved however. I won’t allow alegations of this sort on my blog however much i hate them.

  16. I don’t know how I got on to Whistle blower! . It beggars belief and I am saddened reading of so much corruption. I started to watch GOD TV some weeks ago. A Church without walls was comforting. I sowed a seed of £50-00 and intended to subscribe monthly. I live alone and in receipt of state benefits. Yet, I wanted to give, I wanted to strengthen my faith.

    I am so hurt, it is nothing to do with money. My faith in those people has been shaken to the core. Yes, I enjoyed all the teachings and I do Pray more, and I do feel closer to GOD and his Son Jesus Christ.

    All I can say is, COME LORD JESUS.

    Madeline Hamilton. Abergavenny Wales

  17. I think G-TV is getting a tad desperate:
    1. The $5M being sought appears well beyond them and the beg-a-thon has gone on much
    longer than planned. (Originally scheduled to end on 8th June – ten days ago).
    2. Savage criticism from Justin Hughes (lucaslabrador) is hitting home, viz
    2.a Message on G-TV home page saying that they are being “warred” against.
    Of course they are!
    2.b Lists of testimonials being shown on the G-TV blog.
    (Any way of testing if any are genuine, I wonder).
    2. c. Wendy Stevens in hospital & Justin Hughes pointing out that the miracle-healer Benny
    Hinn doesn’t appear to be able to cure her.
    2.d. Hughes has made an amusing video of the derelict cinema at Union St. in Plymouth,
    (the so-called Revival Centre), which shows what a dump it is & that little or no work is going on.

    Justin Hughes has called for whistle-blowers to contact him so as to check whether the
    implausible suggestion of money-laundering can be verified.

    One has to wonder how long this nonsense will go on!

  18. It’s good to see that Wendy Stevens is out of hospital after having had a week of UK taxpayers’ treatment. I am genuinely pleased that she is getting better and that she has had such good treatment. But it’s amusing to note her slagging off our NHS. Her comment isn’t at all correct. It doesn’t take a “miracle” to be treated in the UK. So some questions should be answered: Is she a UK citizen? Does she pay tax & National Insurance (NI) in the UK? If she isn’t British and doesn’t pay NI, I hope that the Derriford Hospital billed her. After all, with all the cash they are raking in from their poor gullible followers, she could surely afford to pay!

  19. Having just had a look at what’s playing on G-TV tonight I am struck by how pathetic & bare it is! It’s like a worn-out circus coming to town – we’ve got the dressed-up clown/fraud Hinn, the prosperity/fraud Prince in his shiny suit, the weird Zionist money-grubbers from Israel and so on..

    I think G-TV has lost its mojo. I choose to use such a non-spiritual word as “mojo”, since any rational person will have realised by now that this is just a money-raising racket. Gross spending on property in the US, UK, Ireland plus exec jets. How many of these riches did Jesus need? We know the answer to the Jesus question but what about the UK’s Charity Commissioners? They take a very dim view of registered charities that enjoy tax advantages, skimming for the benefit of the founders. I wonder what the UK Charity Commissioners think about the lavish spending on properties (whether leased or freehold), that these folks enojoy?

    The random choice of preachers on this silly channel suggests that filling the air time with any nonsense will do. Where can we see the way that money is routed to and from these US-daftees, nowhere, I suspect. Justin Hughes’ observation that money laundering may be involved may be technically incorrect but buying any old rubbish from any old US fraud seems a tad OTT.
    I am still annoyed that Wendy Stevens cast doubt on the UK’s National Health Service. Last week a US research group recorded that the UK’s NHS was both the best in the developed world & the least expensive to the taxpayers that fund it.
    I am still wondering if this foreign, non-taxpayer got her health-care at the expense of the UK tax payers that she vilifies. Or perhaps she used one of her many Platinum cards and paid what she owed. I think we should be told. Fraud can have many aspects!

  20. It doesn’t get better. Just the same weary old videos from the same weary old crooks – Hinn, Prince etc. Plus the usual money-grubbing to support the Stevens’ lifestyle.

    Where is the Christian analysis of today’s events? They are silent, since all they do is re-play videos they are sent by daft US preachers who may pay them to air their nonsense. Where is the analysis of the MH17 shooting down or Israel’s atrocities in Palestine? While the Ukraine issue is a tad hard for these numpties, I suspect the Israel atrocities is far too easy. Being rampant Zionists, I suspect we know where “G-TV”‘s sympathies lie as hundreds on innocents are being murdered by the Fascist-Israelis. G-TV must keep quiet ‘cos it would cost them to have a real opinion. It is so sad that that these people, re-players of random and often ridiculous US-sourced videos can gain any support with real & true Christians in the UK. A good example of how daft some of their output is can be seen in the videos of Sid Roth. Sid makes broadcasts that includes very well know myths about Pres. Abama being a Muslim without any proof. Roth must know that he is preaching just urban myths but G-TV spins it out as it was the Gospel. Roth is but one example; the fruit-cakes of the flat-earth Creation set-up are another one. Of course Christians have problems with Darwin’s Evolution and these issues have to be faced but not by these crazies. Again it looks as G-TV will spin out anything they can. SO: Which way does the money flow? Does G-TV pay for this nonsense or are they paid to push it out. Interestingly, the UK Govt’s Charity Commission, (to which G-TV and its holding Company have to report so as to be tax-exempt, show a lot of “value” locked up in the videos they hold). More questions must be asked. Have a look at the UK UK Charity Commission website, search for God-Tv & Angel, their holding Co., explore their accounts, reveal how much the Stevens pay themselves (clue: between them both, about the same as the UK Prime Minister & that’s from the UK operation. Could their world-wide take be more?). Look where the money comes and goes, explore the other charities in the north of UK,(entirely clean) who lend G-TV through its hold Co. lots of dosh. This could be a very great money-machine of which the visible UK part (seen via the Charity Commission) is only a a small part, Further investigation,may be instructive. Insider WHISTLE-BLOWERS, especially devout Christians shocked by the money issues should call out any thing that is wrong.

  21. I observed a few days ago that the bulk of what was being broadcast on Godless-TV was irrelevant old twaddle supplied by an odd assortment of money-grubbing Americans and that it had little relevance to today’s issues. Perhaps Rory Stevens was listening, since he has just made a video from the safe side of the Israel/Gaza border. In the video he makes an urgent appeal for viewers to pray for a peaceful outcome – a very laudable sentiment. Then he goes on to request support (more money, of course, after this is G-TV and asking for money is a habit!), to plant trees in Israel for the second-coming of Our Lord. A quick search on Google will tell anybody who looks what a despicable project this is. The project is planting trees but to do so the Zionists are evicting Bedouin locals and demolishing their villages. These land grabs have happened several times and the pathetic locals, who have lived in that area for centuries, struggle to re-build only to have the Zionist bull-dozers come back. There have been storms of outrage even within Israel itself but from moderates. Heed Mr Steven’s call to prayer, of course, but ignore his sneaky request for funding for this horrible project.
    It could be that Stevens has let the mask slip and has revealed just how close he is to the extreme Zionist cause.

  22. This post is an utter rubbish, if you’ve been treated unfairly at your place of work there are employment tribunals that will sort you out with good compensation. Why open a blog to discredit with you know nothing about. If you want haters of things that has to do with God you will get plenty of people. And that what you have here.. pure haters of anything that has to do with God or Jesus.

    Its a massive project and they are raising money to build it, God Tv and a few hand full stations are what is left as a witness to the gospel so that it can reach the world…. you won’t be the first the fight the work of God and you won’t be the last… it can NEVER die… it will abide forever.

    My humble advise to you is to approach a tribunal to help sort your case out and go repent of all this and stop fighting against the work of God because you cannot win.

    • God TV is if you know how to act unable to counter things unlike godly ministries. I am not afraid of Sod TV riven as it is with unattractive personalities. Personalities you are drawn too or at least watch is a fundamental prerequisitve of christian ministry.

  23. We are currently researching based on some news revealed to us privately. I am looking to talk to people connected with god channel to corroborate our information. All disclosures received will be sensitively handled and will only be used to help our investigation. We’d like to hear from anonymous sources as well as those who would be prepared to go on record.

  24. Just had to come back on and comment as I have a ”religious ‘ zeal in raging against these phoney prosperity gospel proponents. Anyone who knows the background of Todd Bentley would run a mile rather than engage him to front your ministry. Every phoney prosperity gospel preacher has been roped in to try and salvage God TV ( wonder what their fee was – I can just imagine Rory Alec begging Benny Hinn to come over and talk up The Plymouth Centre – bet he had to put up £50k plus for Hinn to appear)
    Just think of all the phoneys that have been recruited, probably at an enormous cost, to appear on God TV at the a Plymouth Centre:
    Benny Hinn – utter fraud
    Steve ‘go to the phones right now’ Munsey – unbelievable charlatan with a dodgy hair weave.
    Todd ‘I’ll kick you in the stomach to cure your cancer ‘ Bentley – religeous thug.
    And many more paid to get innocent believers and the desperate to pledge money most of which seems to go in Wendy Alec’s nail maintenance , jewellery and watches.
    Saw poor old Rory in recent programmes – boy has he aged presumably because things are not going to plan – well that is my fervent hope along with the downfall of God TV and that people’s eyes are opened to the lies perpetrated by the Prosperity Gospel.
    You may have gathered that I have no faith but am not happy to see others that are sustained by a faith in God are being deluded by these false prophets.

  25. This is vile hatred masked as righteous campaigning. This website has nothing to do with God. Whatever your beef with GOD TV do it Biblically and in the right spirit.

    • If only God TV would oblige! They NEVER listen to their viewers. They ask for exorbitant sums of money. They are positive only. At least I feature you and other critics on this site.
      Actually years ago I won a stunning victory over them and this website with gods help is helping the flock unlike god tv who despises them holding them in contempte. they do not know where the sheep lie!

    • They fucked my life up by attempted DISMANTLE of the work GOD had set ME to do GET IT DISMANTLE your pal Joyner. They have caused me no end of problems.
      Contrary if they bothered to LISTEN to what critics told them they might learn but do they bother NO.
      Therefore if they go down I am happy. Good riddance!

      • I love how you are avoiding Joyner issue. My primary tunction is to expose the distorted theology and workings of God TV and they don’t like it.

    • I would love to hear your reply to their rick joyner fan dom that is what is fucking up the church along with their flakey theology. social concern and evangelism won’t let them off their responsibilites to the sheep. YEEUCH!

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  27. Pingback: Urgent Update: Rory Alec CEO of God TV has a Mistress in Austria and according to Lucas Labrador has resigned and Wendy Alec his wife has had an affair with a Producer | Supporting UK Justice: For the Defence! by a layman

  28. Now Margret Keir now you can see the Statement from God TV over Rory Alec’s moral failure with the assumed breakdown of their marriage. Now where will you go.

  29. This is the beginning of the end for Godtv, with Rory Alec committing adultery with an Austrian divorcee. Please don’t feed sorry for Wendy Alec, more details come out about the internal goings on within this organisation and you will all see how false this pair are. The supporters have been paying for the lavish lifestyle over the years and the shit is about to hit the fan….

    • Alleluia. The Supporters need to be woken up about how the money is spent.
      God TV have been spying on this blog and Dean Seddon on the Global Leadership Executive under Wendy Alec is also spying.
      But they don’t stand a chance when people wake up to
      false doctrines (rick joyner dismantling disbanding ministries works error) prophets apostles (error), how THEIR money IS SPENT, (gulfsteam jet, mansion in yealhmptn, Linwood house kansas), the scandals their friends The Message Trust suppressing covering up how Raze child abusers got away with it.#childabusescandalmessagetoschoolsthemsessagetrust.
      Hopefully this blog the work of Lucas Labrador and many others can wake them up and Missions Week Revival alert see the beginning of god tv becoming toast,

      • Its going to be an interesting live broadcast by WA on Wednesday evening, I am sure she will spit out a bucket full of lies as to why RA stepped down as CEO……hope seddon is reading, he is next for the chop….

      • Wow. I am popular. I have not been spying. I have commented twice on this blog. One rejecting your allegations and one stating that much of what you say is not true.

        If you keep to facts you are perfectly entitled to be critical unfortunately you at times go way beyond that and present speculation as fact and resort to personal insults.

        I am speaking in a personal capacity, however you claim of jets etc. There is no jet…. other than easyjet!

      • God TV’s Dean Seddon says there are no Jets but the Alecs own a Mansion in Devon and I have seen the God TV private jet on God TV Footage.
        Dean Seddon is part of God TV Global leadership and has been spying on blog for a long time as have God TV.

      • Ok. This will be my last comment. There are no jets! Rory & Wendy got their house for themselves. As you know Wendy is a noted author of fiction books.

        I would happily accept any criticism if the things you say we’re true. Sadly many of them are exaggerated or completely untrue. I would engage with you more often and respond to your accusations if you could bring them without personal insults and you actually accept when you accusations are wrong.

        We will never agree on every matter of doctrine, but we both agree that Jesus died for the sin of the world and if we repent, accept his will, we will be born again of the spirit.

        I joined GOD TV because I am passionate about seeing people meet Jesus through media. Wherever in the world you are people watch video on their phone or tv set. Why not let the Gospel reach people’s mobile or tv.

        Everyday we as a team pray for viewers to find Jesus, for those struggling to find hope and for those sick to be healed.

        I have not been spying on you, I have commented 3 times in the past year, this is my forth now, surely the reason to open a blog is to enlist readers and create discussion?

        Do we make mistakes, absolutely. My offer (in a personal capacity) is open, if you want to discuss or actually present facts I would happily engage more. Unfortunately my suspicion is that more insults and unfounded accusations will follow.

        You have my email address.

      • I would be very interested on how Wendy Alec funds the publishing of her books, they seem to get an awful lot of airtime on the channel promoting them and I have heard that cost to broadcast 1 minute of satellite time is around £60, so this surely adds up. What about production costs of creating the advertising. Does Wendy personally pay for this out of her huge forturne, or does it come out of the company with her creaming off all the profits?

      • She can’t even write! she isn’t a writer! it is a shame to the Church and name of God that she even pretends to be a writer. Part of the violent spirituality God TV inflicts on us.

    • The only information that I am aware is available on Rory Alec’s alleged behavior comes from only one source – GodTV. The statement attributed to him says that he has suffered a ‘moral failure’, which one presumes could be any of the sins listed in the Bible, and it is Wendy Alec who seems to be quoting a message to her from a woman who claims that Rory is with her. Maybe she should examine whether some of the messages that she claims to have received from God are true, and ponder whether God would allow her to receive a false statement from someone else!

      • Has anyone noticed Wendy Alec always has the same so-called Prophecy pain deep suffering and no one asks questions?

  30. What a load of bollocks you are blogging about God tv. No private jets or mansions.
    What if I had a private jet for business purposes? Would u blog about me. Are we not allowed them,?of course we are. Get real

    • Rory Alec disembarked from God TV Jet in Africa to see Annie Chikwaza Orphan Project.
      I think it is fairly self evident that God TV owns a Mansion in Devon. So if you don’t like it..

    • Are we not allowed them? of course we are. Spoken by a true Word Faith apologist. You sound as irrational as the ranting Margret Keir complaining because I exercise editorial judgment.
      Shame on you for wishing to import American bad practice into the UK Church.

  31. Kate can not understand cross rythmns(likely spelt wrongly) I left a message for you on Benediction as I did not know if I could comment to you on your blog. Are they sleeping with Joyner etc I did look on their web site. I know that Cole used to work for godtv. When you get time would you explain. I have never listened to them. Hope you are well. I am just about coming round after the Kansas city prophets. (What a revelation) Have listened to many more Christians really wounded by them. In all honesty (in trying to restore Bentley) Joyner did say to rory and wendy that God was divorced.!!!!!!!!! I should have been concerned then but he has a degree in deception. God bless. Margaret x

    • They are sleeping with Joyner. Cross R or Dross R feature Morningstar Music in a late night prayer programme away from their generel content you have to listen to it to see it.

    • I am very fragile never been so down in my life due to private matters. There is important work to be done on God TV blog thanks to Lucas Labradox X. plus Journalists to contact.
      I need to be more in on what Justin is doing as Founder Director and Editor of blog but personally need to be somewhere else that is not here!

      • Thanks Kate for info re:cross rythmns . Will really get into it to sort it out in my head. If it is of any use you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have worked hard,so has lucas labradoxTry to take some time out for yourself.The darkest hour is before dawn. God is a God of justice, but it is all in his time. You have been wronged. It is hard to trust (even him) but try. margaretx

  32. Kate you remain in my thoughts and prayers. Anyone reading this web-site belonging to Kate so study what she says carefully. I did not pay attention (a while ago) but she speaks TRUTH and this has set me free. Please research Rick Joyner and his band of deluded prophets. Joyner repaired Todd Bentley(not God) Joyner and his cretins have messed up so many children of God. Listen on google and youtube. It is heartbreaking.Have now listened to cross rythmns (sleeping with Joyner and his band of plonkers) You could not make it up.Rory Alec actually listened to Joyner,s advice re:todd Bentley,s adultery.Joyner said that God was DIVORCED…….YES ACCORDING TO THE GREAT JOYNER GOD IS DIVORCED!!!!!!!!!!!????If Rory believed what Joyner(false prophet) spoke it is no wonder he is confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I. I do feel sorry for wendy alec tonight. However I stand with Katesjc1689 she has suffered much wrongdoing and we as Christians should pray that Amighty God will expose everything . God is a God of justice. Kate as the record says…….. HOLD ON x margaret

  33. Kate are you ok? You are in my thoughts and prayers. When you think you,ve had enough….. HOLD ON. It is hard to trust when you can not trace Kate BUT GOD has not forgotten you. He will come through. margaretx

  34. Christianmediawatch so glad you left a positive message for Kate but like me you did not study or educate yourselves about rick joyner and his band of merry men (so called prophets) who preach Domionism and God is divorced etc. I have been brought to my knees ( because of kate and others) I have repented before God and asked Kate to forgive me (which she has). Every day I am discovering more and more about these wolves in sheeps clothing.The children of God who have been wounded by their false doctrine. (Kate was one of them).God is a God of order and the sword of the spirit is his word. Joyner does not use the bible. He is one of Many. margaret

  35. Kate your silence worries me. I care and God loves you. Don,t Ever give up on life . I almost did a few months ago re: my beautiful autistic child. The Director of my child,s service provider was about to abort my child from my child,s future, from the non verbal hopes and dreams my child has. Did this person hate my child? NO. This Director hated me. I stood before this Director with truth RE:my child. Nothing is certain about my childs future. However I did sin in putting this Director on the THRONE instead of GOD.I thought that my child,s future would be ok if I was gone and director in CHARGE. satan is a liar , no Christian (all of my relatives are bretheren)and some friends, none of them have ever looked at my journey with autism or cancer but I hold on Kate to a God who hears , understands and loves (even me). Kate I know what it is like to be heartbroken and to be broken and all these (prophets?????) tell you THUS SAITH THE LORD! REALLY? God gave us ears to hear him and he can and will talk to us.I say to you again God loves you and has a GOOD plan for your life. HOLD ON. You have my email address. Margaret xo

  36. This site has a random selection of contradictory video material – often plain crazies, often cynical money-grubbing, sometimes fraudulent pretend faith healing, frequently years out of date and very rarely relevant to the time of the church year, suggests that it is no more than a lucky-dip of video tapes chosen for reasons that have nothing to do with faith.
    Of the various channels showing tonight (Christmas Eve) two are showing a Summer Celebration!, two are showing a weird Carol Show and one is showing a preacher from a TV channel in Zurich (again with nothing about this holy time) with a by-line saying they are leaving G-TV. You’d get a better relevance choosing DVDs blindly in a charity shop/

    The only logical reason for this incoherent broadcasting is that it is driven by who pays most too whom rather than rue belief.

  37. A Message for the UK Plymouth Employees of G-TV
    I’m sure that some of you must read this and, without making any nasty insinuations about your sincerity, there’s a question that I’d very much like to see answered.

    It’s now 1st Jan 2015 and, obviously, we have just traveled through one of the two most holy periods of the Christian year. So, the question that goes to the heart of this G-TV ministry is:

    Why does G-TV broadcast material on its different world-wide channels that almost entirely ignores this holy season? Over the last few days the output has been almost exclusively what easily could have gone out on any day of the year. I think that the prize for the most irrelevant stuff was a video of Summer event on lots of the streams.

    Why is G-TV almost totally irrelevant to what most Christians are thinking about at this time?
    I have laid my theory out before – the irrelevance of G-TV’s is driven by a money schedule – who is paying whom to broadcast tired US-sourced rubbish.

    No doubt there are some sincere folks working in Plymouth. What do you think about the “lucky-dip” video show that G-TV is pumping out? It could be August not Christmas with the same old US crooks being featured – faking healing, preaching wicked prosperity nonsense, the crazed Mr Ham & his daft museum. the weird Sid Roth spouting his urban myths, the disappointing bloke who was once a senior US military figure & significant business exec., who now embarrasses grown-ups with his UFO theories. I could go on – but it’s a ” CARNIVAL of CRAZIES”.

    Employees of G-TV – you must know how the schedule is created – rolls of dice, a lucky-dip, a juke-box or a cost-benefit analysis of who will pay whom the most?

    Someone should come-clean.

  38. An appeal to the Plymouth employees of G-TV.

    You good folks must know the truth – come back here, anonymously and give us some answers, please.
    I made some comments about the irrelevance of the material that G-TV was squirting out over the Christmas season. Nobody responded.
    Over this last week (it’s now 13 Jan ’15) we have seen some pretty shocking happenings in Paris. I won’t debate the aspects of the tragedy here but why isn’t G-TV discussing it?

    Why are the pretend-anointed that run G-TV coming on air and discussing these events and having an opinion about how Christians should react.

    I have a theory – they couldn’t, even if they wanted to or if they had an opinion worth listening to, because the juke-box of US-sourced rubbish is driven by the money stream. Same old crooks & crazies – an apparent random selection with no relevance to the day’s events.

    Where is Wendy Stevens? Holed up in Israel, enjoying commissions from Israeli travel agencies arising from the tour company she appears to be running and totally out of touch with these current events.

    Whether it’s the celebration of Christ’s birth or the terrible clashes in France – ignore it all, keep turning the handle on the juke-box that plays the daft, irrelevant foreign (that is US) twaddle.

    Keep going Wendy, it’s nearly as rubbish as MTV!

  39. Its all kicked off at GTV. WA has gone bonkers. Stormed out of the studio swearing and cursing like a sailor.

    From an insider at the circus

  40. I came upon GoD TV quite by accident having just acquired Sky and tuned in during missions week(which seemed to last nearly a month)! !I gave a one off gift of £137 and feld led to set up a monthly direct debit.I am getting on for 70and have been a committed Christian since I was 13 I have 2 sons and a daughter in law who are all Baptist ministers..I am not very good with modern technology even writing this is a “first”!but I have only today stumbled across all these comments (or “blogs”)as I believe they are called ?and I am totally confused! Why does God TV (or others who like myself who support them)not answer the pretty nasty,mostly unproven statements ? Or is it a case of “poor old girl,another sucker who doesn’t know what she’s on about” well I freely admit that I don’t ! So is there someone out there in the stratsasphere who could take the time “for or against” to enlighten me as to whether or not I should keep or cancel my DD! ? I do hope someone replies as this gas taken me over an hour to write my right hand being paralysed.and I’m right handed ! Many thanks Hazel

    • Cancel your DD they are unrepentant bankrupts with the Authorities after them,See Whistleblower Posts for more.
      God richly bless you
      Kate xx

  41. It may have changed I left some years ago. They mess you around. Nothing can ever go as planned changing minds and no accountability of wasting money. I once was asked into a meeting and queried all the wasted time on work which got shelved. Was told I was paid by the hour so what was the problem.

    • I think we know each other mate..? I’ve done a runner now as well. The whole things a cult I think. Its on its arse now.

      • More evidence please? I believe god tv has shitloads of enemies. It is nice to see how this blog is now controlling the show! blessings brother or sister.xx

  42. Rory and wendy alec -these are not their true names!
    Like Satan who was Gods most knowledgeable fallen angel so are these wolves in sheeps clothing! Very Satanic- preying on lost and weary and poor souls!!
    No worry eternity is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrryyyyy looooooooooooong time!!!! Good luck and for all the rest of you get away from Satans little helpers ! Spend the money on your families!!!

    • God TV like Cross Rhyhms like Message trust HATE THE SHEEP, nothing is more repungant to them than peoples welfare which they regard with utter contempt.

  43. Myself and my family have been booted out of GTV. We have woken up. I told Wendy that she was full of shit. She went bonkers. Back in UK next week, not a day too soon.

    • i bet they didnt raise the £1m! a week is too short a timeframe that is so incompetent that it empties its bank account before putting on cuddly teddy bear costumes in order to extract vast sums from the vulnerable viewers.

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