The Culture of Debt in God TV and all God TV Friend Ministries bar one or two

Mike Bickle ex Kansas City Prophets speaks of having NO MONEY. Message to Schools makes Projects and expects Supporters to pay for them poste haste. God TV Projects are made before money is in the Account.

 In effect #godtvsupporters. Message To Schools ( I refuse to call it THE MESSAGE Trust)  are expected to cover all cost and ask no awkward questions.

 Have you noticed when we watch #missionsweek on God TV that Rory Alec treats us in an autocratic style?? It is always ‘where two or three AGREE, stick up your hands! go to the PHONE!!’ There is no consideration for viewers bar a Ministry prayer thing general one size fits all, where everyone concerned is in the most dire state imaginable.

 This Culture of Debt is behind the troubles Kansas City Prophets find themselves in and Rick Joyner who lost everything. Rumour has it that Wendy and Rory lost a house. 

 By listening to their Accountants, Financial Director, the Banks who can EASILY PULL THE RUG from under their feet we are more likely to see God TV fold than continue as Rory Alec so arrogantly boasts.


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