Benny Hinn Ministries-Johnny Woodrow and God TV Rory and Wendy Alec BOTH OWN STATE OF THE ART GULFSTREAM JETS!!!!!

 This Morning I have just been reading my original Blog ‘The Governmental Goals of God TV’ and seen this!!!

 Since God TV and Benny Hinn Ministries are closely interlinked it is only logical that both Ministries own their own Private Jets. These are Gulfstream State of the Art Executive Jets that Highly paid Bankers hire or buy when they want to take trips abroad, conduct business trips etc in complete and utter privacy.

The thinking behind this

God TV and Benny Hinn conduct Ministry Business in TOTAL SECRECY. Everything they do is undercover.

 They do not want under any circumstances for the likes of you and me to discover what is really going on and blow the whistle.

 Secrecy is used to advance the Ministries Agenda’s which both include Evangelism and Social Concern but in God TV’s case mean changing the church, which wholly makes sense if you read Joyners books.

It is any wonder we need a Wikileaks.



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