God TV has PRISON Funding Difficulties over in Australia Surprise Surprise and we have some figures too!!!

We still need your help with our work in prisons
Posted on January 30, 2012
FREE GOD TV Installations for PRISONS

Dear Valued Partner,


I’m really excited as I write to you today – Rejoice with us as we are about to install GOD TV into every Queensland Prison. Please also pray for the ongoing breakthrough in other states; especially Victoria as they are debating the proposal right now. As you read this letter, you will learn about some exciting opportunities that are opening up in Australian prisons right now for Instal-Life. What you are about to read will provide the difference between eternal life and death for many people in the darkest time of their lives.

• GOD TV will be installed into every prison cell in Queensland – it is approved!
• Pray for Victorian prisons, we are almost there…

Instal-Life has had a massive breakthrough!!! GOD TV is about to be installed into every Queensland Prison. We are almost there in Victoria. I believe 2011 will be a very special year for many inmates. Our ministry will provide hope for the hopeless but most importantly the ‘Salvation’ of souls!! Whilst ministering to those Saints who have somehow found themselves behind bars.

You can contribute by calling Instal-Life on 1300 54 33 88 (AUS) or 0800 54 33 88 (NZ) or by filling in the details when you click here!!!


Revival breaks out in the prison system. Why not see revival in Australia starting in our prisons. The fact is that the history of Australia is one of a convict dumping ground by the British! Can you imagine for a moment that GOD TV is installed into every single prison in Australia and New Zealand. And as a result there is a huge revival within the prison system. Men and women meet Jesus, lives are transformed and the prison system is eventually emptied!!!!

Matthew 19:26 (NIV) Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


GOD TV will be installed into every prison in Queensland in the next 18 months! The Chaplaincy board of Queensland voted that the Instal-Life FREE installation of GOD TV into prisons would be better than no Christian TV content at all! The board took the proposal on our behalf to QLD corrective services. The commissioner decided to conduct a trial in Wolston Prison with the promise of a full state endorsed roll-out if proven successful.

Instal-Life installed a full set up into every single prison cell in the Wolston complex in June 2010. We have received many letters from Christian inmates about the blessing and joy that GOD TV brings them! The government recently conducted a survey amongst the inmates to get feedback. The result was so positive that the “Commissioner of Correctives Services” is ENDORSING THE INSTAL-LIFE PROPOSED FREE ROLL OUT INTO ALL QUEENSLAND PRISONS – that’s ALL 17 prisons in the state.

The average prison will cost us approximately $6000 to fully set up with GOD TV. This includes: initial time to establish the prison approval; hiring of a full time staff member to manage installations for each prison; technician visits; networked installations into every cell; tuning; prison costs and technician costs.

With the average number of prisoners in QLD around 5,600 at any given time the average cost per inmate to have GOD TV transmitted 24/7 is just $18.50.

Imagine the background and/or beliefs of the various men and women that will pass through that cell and have access to Christian TV in the years to come. Imagine God’s hope of salvation, restoration and healing with GOD TV always available to those in greatest need. Today, YOU can be a part of this by presenting an offering for ‘missions’ with Instal-Life. Will you consider partnering with us?

1 prisoner costs $18.50; 1 complete prison is $6000; 1 complete state of QLD is only $102,000.

You can contribute by calling Instal-Life on 1300 54 33 88 (AUS) or 0800 54 33 88 (NZ) or by filling in the details when you click here!!!


My role as the Regional Director for GOD TV has opened government doors for us in more recent times. In December 2010, I had a personal meeting in Melbourne with the Deputy Commissioner for Victorian Prisons & Transitional Services. After presenting our Instal-Life proposal, I was confident that he is in favour of our proposal. All the feedback he provided was cautious but positive!!! He quickly added our proposal to the agenda of his next meeting with the state chaplains. At this point we are yet to hear feedback of that meeting, but, I believe God is at work here and that He will open doors and break down strongholds in Jesus Name and that the Gospel will be preached in these spiritually dark cells all over Australia.

Now there are currently 14 prisons in Victoria housing approximately 4,350 adults. We are on the verge of something great. Will you sow into this opportunity in faith, believing with us that we will install into ALL Victorian prisons?


Recidivism – is the term used for those who return to prison once released! For prisoners released in Victoria in 2006-07, 40.2% returned to corrective services within two years. This is the lowest of any individual state and slightly less than the national average of 44.6%. This is a terrible statistic! Something that I’m sure God would like us to change, something that you can help with and participate in.


At 30th June 2009 there was a prison census that revealed:

• There were 29,317 prisoners in Australian prisons
• The prison population is up by 36% over the past 10 years
• It costs nearly $100,000 per prisoner per year – $800 million a year of taxpayer dollars
• Of the total prisoner population, 7% (2,125) were female
• The median age of all prisoners was 33.4 years
• Indigenous prisoners comprised a quarter of the total prisoner population
• Nearly three-quarters (72% or 21,213) of the total prisoner population were located in:
• New South Wales: 38% or 11,127
• Queensland: 19% or 5,667
• Western Australia: 15% or 4,419
• Prisoners were sentenced to an average prison term of 4.8 years
• The average expected time to serve is currently 3.5 years.
• 100% of prisoners need to hear the gospel at least once – preferably daily!!!


Prayerfully, over time we have set aside funds for this day, always believing that it would come. Right now our ministry has $37,000 for prison installations ready to use immediately. We never anticipated that two large states, Queensland and Victoria, would at the same time consider giving us the approval to rollout installations into every prison. We anticipate that a prison roll out of this magnitude, 31 prisons at $6000 per prison over an 18 month period would cost us approximately $186,000.

This leaves a massive shortfall of $149,000.

We do so need your support. Can you help? I can promise you that every cent offered by you will be dedicated for this cause alone. 100% will be allocated to Instal-Life Missions, not one cent will be placed anywhere else!

GOAL: To give 9,950 inmates a fresh start with eternal salvation.

You can contribute by calling Instal-Life on 1300 54 33 88 (AUS) or 0800 54 33 88 (NZ) or by filling in the details when you click here!!!


If you are considering partnering financially with Instal-Life for the prisons that are opening up in Australia it will need to be an ‘offering’ in the real meaning of the word. The government will not grant Instal-Life Missions tax deductibility status as we are using all the funding for ‘Christian Missions’. There is no short term taxation gain for these missions offering, only eternal rewards as you store up your riches in Heaven! I am sure that when you get to heaven that you will be so glad you invested wisely on earth.


The question beckons; what IF the government will not allow any more prison installations, who gets my offering? It is a very good question; the answer is ‘Missions’. Every cent will be allocated to supporting missionaries predominantly within India, China & Nepal to unreached people groups.

Instal-Life currently fully funds 22 full-time indigenous missionaries as an annual cost of $43,560 These missionaries will be self sustaining/self funded within 7 years as they disciple men and women in unreached people groups and build a Church to pastor. The long-term goal is to support 100 missionaries long term.

$18.50 for a prisoner to hear the gospel on GOD TV

That is correct; it will only cost $18.50 to get GOD TV to a prisoner. Join me as I work towards their total liberation in the very same cell that keeps them imprisoned. Please help us make sure that these men and women are exposed to the gospel through their television, on the very TV they spend countless hours watching every day!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this important letter. I hope you are as excited as I am about this opportunity.

Every Blessing,

Wayne Knapman
Instal-Life Founder

P.S. Please prayerfully consider making an offering to the Lord for prisoners in Australia today. You can contribute by calling Instal-Life on 1300 54 33 88 (AUS) or 0800 54 33 88 (NZ)

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