When are the begging emails going to arrive from God TV re Springs Missions Week 2012?

An email from God TV. Seems like they are feeling the same crunch as we all are. Emphasis mine.

Dearest Partner,

The Lord has given us a wonderful Missions Week – we are so very grateful to everyone who gave so sacrificially, and we want to thank YOU for your ongoing support which empowers us to go into all the world. Truly, you are one of our highly valued partners.

RedeemedHippie>>>[I wonder if they tell this to everyone, as I have not sent a penny to these people. I’ve even told them to take me off their mailing list and they have not done it. I guess as long as they think there is a chance of someone giving them money, they keep them on their mailing list?]

Now we ask one final time for your help. As we approach the end of this Missions Week, we have not yet reached our goal. Many of our partners are facing real challenges, and responses of support reflect this.

Redeemed Hippie>>>[People are not parting with their money and God TV is feeling it. If they know that people are facing real challenges, then why would they insist that you give anyway?]

We want you to know that GOD TV is there for you, and we still stand with you, as we strive together to reach the nations for Christ.

In this crucial time, we invite you to give an online Missions Week donation right now to keep GOD TV broadcasting via television, cable, satellite, the Internet and more!

Your gift will help us to reach ONE BILLION SOULS for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please don’t delay. This is your unique opportunity to be part of this special event — be part of the mandate the Father has given to GOD TV with your Missions Week gift today!

Thank you! God bless you richly!

In His amazing love,


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