Missions Weeks Photos from a ‘Missions Week Historian’ a Freudian Slip by the American Director for the UK for God TV



God TV would rather there were NOT as Fergus Scarfe put it ‘Missions Weeks HIstorians’.because as far as God TV is concerned GOD TV Rory and Wendy Alec and the Special Projects Team in Jeffrey Levinson and his Family (Linkedin) are to put forth the Story that God TV wants you to hear.

 This as we all know is SPIN and PR it is a damage limitation against Stories getting out that things in God TV camp are NOT as they appear to be.

 The Bentley ‘Revival’ Scandal, Rick Joyner and Morningstar Scandals, IHOP and former Kansas City Prophets Scandals, the ‘prophets’ that have caused so many problems to the Body of Christ which thanks to the Net have been widely publicised (Harvestnet Teri and Bob Earl, Tricia Tillin, Eric Weiss etc and myself). As we all know the former Kansas City Prophets have been’restored’ and mostly all are now active in Ministry with no legal comeback or restitution for damaging actions done. All the Kansas City Prophets as you know were engaged in disbanding and dismantling any Churches and Ministries that got in the way of the prophets in their Cities and putting approved Prophets in place in charge of City wide Presbeterys (francis frangipane on board of God TV).

 As long as the long suffering supporters of God TV believe the stories spun out about God TV God TV will end up supported, but if they examine the claims of this and other blogs which God TV does not want you to read then Rory and Wendy Alec’s stories might come into question and the funds might not be so forthcoming.



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