Dropped and Failed Campaigns of God TV or what Rory and Wendy won’t tell you


Here is a picture of God TV asking for LARGE FINANCIAL GIFTS.

True honest Church and Christian Ministries ask God to pitch requests at the right level being sensitive that Ministry Supporters and Churchgoers can manage. 

 It is a matter of sensitive healing Pastoral Ministry where the needs of the Ministry and Church are balanced with the Congregation/Viewers.

 Ministries who employ Private Planes, have a ‘Ministry of private planes’ as Copelands do have no place in my thinking as does the purchase of grand houses, inflated salaries, all because people give at TV Missions Weeks and Praiseathons.

 My long standing impressions of God TV stemming from observing them for 10 Years is that God TV exercises NO SENSITIVITY, pastoral care or healing etc when it comes down to asking Viewers for money even when that money given will put people out as they plead ‘not eqaul giving but eqaul SACRIFICE’.

 Which brings me to the countless Campaigns that God TV has dropped because of false theology, not hearing the lord, claiming to hear the Lord and generally acting like the Bossy domineering TV Station they truly are.

  1.  The Battle for Britain Campaign when a claimed 22m viewers would have walked the Streets of UK dropping Mission oriented but Viewer extending leaflets through the doors. OWNERSHIP ISSUE
  2. Todd Bentley Scandal Leafleting on top of above. OWNERSHIP ISSUE
  3.  Westminster Hall where they aimed for a prime position near to Government where they can influence OFCOM where they hoped to have Studios etc instead of a Studio in Plymouth in a Coastal area. DENIAL OF INFORMATION TO VIEWERS ISSUE SECRECY AND HIDDEN AGENDAS 

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