God TV Director of Censoring

God TV Director of Censoring

Director of censoring at GOD TV
Grand Junction, Colorado Area Broadcast Media
Director of censoring at GOD TV
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God TV has it’s own ‘Director of Censoring’ at God TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if you are aware of this but God TV has been acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioner in issuing DMCA Cases against those who are deemed to write things a little too embarrassing for God TV like the parlous state of their Finances, various Scandals associated with their Ministries.

The ownership of Private Planes and Mansions, Wendy Alec’s Books which should NEVER have been published let alone distributed further afield, Directors Salaries (never shared with Supporters on a routine business and in public), Sex Scandals the Lakeland Fiasco which closed down Churches which God TV is keen to sweep under the carpet, the RAZE sex scandal which Message to Schools swept under the carpet similarly; you get the picture.

 As I was browsing on Linkedin I googled ‘God TV’ and this was the result!!!


 As you will see this is really quite terrifying that God TV think it has this type of influence over people. But if you look at your Joyner Books like good Supporters you will find that part of God TV’s philosophy is to ‘disband and dismantle’ Christian works that are deemed to come in the way of their Apostles Prophets Page 60 Joyner The Call.


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