All Missions Weeks are the same bar a few variations: a general Biographical Post March 13 2012




What we can look forward too are the frankly uninspiring boring predictable scripted up to the eyeballs because if I don’t remember rightly: the Directors are not to say a word out of line.

How the Viewers fail to perceive their turgid dullness is absolutely beyond me.

 How can you see that these load of losers are not smiling? that they are NOT happy to see you as a Viewer in the way TBN and Daystar do in their frightfully successful lucrative wank-athons that raise the funds required to plant new Stations in the various States of America and across the World?

 Rory Alec the Mouth is no better.

 He struts about like an arrogant peacock asking us for the most ridiculous sums imaginable that would NOT be possible in other Church environments. £300 per year for instance is a massive sum as is £500 but God TV thinks nothing of asking of asking, not only for the above but these type of sums REPEATED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!! at successive Missions Weeks/ Broadcast Alerts/ Calls for Funds.

 God TV seems to regard viewers as an endless stream of money that takes no regard whatsoever for Funds already allocated for University, Car, Family, Daughters, Sons, Friends etc. It dismays me that the lack of care for the sheep who God has appointed SHEPHERDS FOR is not viewed with disdain as God TV psyches itself for yet [another] Fundraising Exercise.

 So what have we to look forward too: VT’s, when it gets awkward God TV immediately switches to a VT. Repeated Advertorials seen a thousand times on the Channel Hong Kong, American History, claims to bring Revival coming on heels of Lakeland Scandal and all over love in despite of what is really destruction of lives, Ministries and Churches on the Ground .(Lakeland Churches closed down on back of Lakeland Scandal on God TV).

 So if you seen one you seen them all unless of course they do something compelling and magical and we see some action!



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