One of the perks of enduring the endless bore that is Missions Week aka Two Month Fundraising Period is that one catches gems like this: God TV’s Budget has gone up from doubling from £12.5m to £25m to an astonishing and mindnumbing £36m.

What are they doing? Rory Alec gathers Projects like one possessed. God TV has a vision for ”thousands of Churches” in the African region linked to the de facto Water well, assuming they hit sufficient water to justify Water Vats and that the Government hasn’t abandoned the Region due to geophysical factors (LSE public lecture on Geophycists or other University Channel).

God TV has not provided costings of the latest brainswaves such as the Archeologists one in Negev, Million Trees in Israel, costs of groundwork etc and actual breakdown of cost of Tree Donations. Nor cost of errecting a Church building as well as build Clinics, etc, in effect central infrastructure in an african Village; so one is having to estimate costs on visual appearance and imagined scales ie rough shell composed of red bricks and standard corrugated tin roof.

God TV also does not show us WHO ELSE is bearing the load. ‘Friends’? Suppliers, Ministries they are working with to share the cost in Transmitter builds and how much bullying they did to get Crown House a multi Company building to change it to ‘Angel House’ after God TV i’ts struggling failing nemesis. ( I imagine bloods is boiling at the aforementioned place anyone there spill the beans!)

Bloggers watching God TV and it’s Pals JOYNER , NAR, ICA, 7 Mountains* need to factor in God TV into their analysis and do a lot of the work in estimation etc.

In lieu of these astounding figure and the 2 yearly Financial Crises of the Ministry. Which Financial Crisis will finally kill them?

GOD TV wants to have a budget like that of Daystar and TBN. God TV hates being the poor boy of Christian Broadcasting and is seeking to up budget  big bit by big bit so they are no longer shamed by being the size of Daystars £12m Charity Budget.


  1. Very very interesting site, its time Rory and Wendy, that we had a chat, long overdue, you must have known this day might come…………..Chris Dandridge – (Co-Founder – Original Financial Supporter – Original Business Manager).

  2. Theres a rumour that the WA / RA “breakup” might be a pre planned scam. The house of cards is certainly on its last legs. Chris Dandridge… your comments are most interesting. Are you in touch with Lucas Labridor? Chap called Justin something or other. Worth a google if you are not.

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