On the back of extensive blogging God TV are planning a BTS on their move to Kansas to the 15 room Mansion in Linwood

Unusually it wasn’t me who broke the story but endtimes prophetic words who mines my blog for data on God TV anyway. The Blogging community caught up and suddenly it is all over the net.

God TV’s email states (sent 6 hours ago today 11th June 2009) that Rory and Wendy Alec plan to do a BTS on the above topic.

So what can we expect from Mssrs Rory and Wendy Stephen pardon me Alec their stage names?

Well, superspiritual explanations for a home in UK AND USA, Bible verses from Word Faith demagogues like Mike Murdock and Nassir Sadiki will abound and of course plenty of spin about how God called them to get a Mansion (just like their good friend Benny Hinn).

Well according to local accounts it is a house with a bit of History which of course Rory and Wendy will add too in their own inmimitable style no doubt hosting gigs in their 11 acre Garden, holding meetings of the Elite Circle of Key People instrumental to their campaign to both tell the Church and the World what to do. I am of the opinion that one must use one’s imagination to imagine all sorts of things on the ground AND GET LOCAL GOSSIP RELIABLE AND AUTHORATIVE about WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING ON THE GROUND FROM STAFF HIRE TO GOINGS ON.

All in all with the advent of the  Linwood Mansion and the Cornwall House plus any number of presumed boltholes. It presumes all God TV Watchers watch events closely and also call God TV to account and demand Salary details, Account details and other materials that Supporters and Detracters have a right to read.

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