NEWSFLASH! God TV plans to use upcoming Pastors Tour as an unofficial Missions Week Part III!!!!

You are not going to believe it! Rory and Wendy Alec plan to give Church Leaders and their wives FREE ISRAEL HOLIDAYS but with one proviso; THEY PAY/DONATE $10,000, or £5000 which if I am right is quite a hefty amount given the size of Churches in the Uk. (US Churches might manage it but even the US is affected by the Credit Crunch).

Those of us with our brains still on should have cottoned on to the fact that between the expected October/September MW (MW = 2 months that is or 4 months of the year 25% of their time!!) if indeed we got it at all that the Pastors Tour/free holiday is a ruse for a new reinvention of MW. Fellowshipping will be on their mind the way Sales people butter up their prospects, but it all ends up with the Crunch with 1000 being the number wanted to raise I estimate £6m or $12m (I need to check calculation but the amount is a problem solving for God TV).

So folks MW via the back end!

Now this is online this will go round the web and the whole God TV watching blogosphere will have caught on.

194 word count.

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