God TV officially confirms $45-50m (£25m) in a rather more candid BTS and that they are in trouble ‘like other Ministries and Churches’

Rory and wendy Alec in a surprise move, adopt a more sober tone in the face of being forced to suffer cutbacks when the full $5m (£3.5m) fails to come in.

How they omit such a crucial load of facts is beyond me but the failed MW (in terms of BANKED AMOUNT) proves that whilst God TV Fans came up with a Ministry saving Pledged amount £4.5m, when push comes to shove, it was the Banked amount that was effectively the final vote.

God TV after attempting to eliminate mine and other Bloggers memories of MW are now running an Ad with words to the effect that ‘churches and ministries are in trouble’ and that strangely for the first time’ GOD TV IS RUN WITH TOUGH TIMES IN MIND not economic growth.

I have also discovered that God TV is not repeating MW coverage much? because of the embarasssment factor. MW seems to bring out things in them they would rather we don’t see. However devoted watchers who know how to spot the gaffes, honesties etc are in for a treat, provided you are armed with notebooks galore. This is a skill I have developed over the years hence the degree of skepticism I have with any God TV Initiative and ANY thing coming from their polluted hearts. Their hearts are the problems behind the numerous difficulties being inflicted on the Church which they hate with a passion. Like hiding their activities, and true agendas, like lack of transparency, lack of accountability, lack of concern for little irritating viewer with mundane concerns, fudging scandals like Raze Scandal which Andy Hawthorne Director of Message of Schools swept under the carpet, making difficulties with music taking out aggression in music, health and safety concerns with X istence young people who are made to go into places where their safety is compromised whilst Chip K is in the Park and Musicians are filmed backstage. I could go on.

The Kansas City Prophets, NAR,ICA, 7 Mountains Mandate are more indicative of God TV activities and Mark Goodge who is their Internet Policeman meaning us Net nerds are deprived of our rights under Human Rights Provisioning Legislation.

361 words for word count purposes

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