NEWSFLASH:God TV Spring Missions Week only has £1.6m banked when £6.9m is needed (real needs £12m per half year) so I predict the imminent demise of God TV after May 15th 2009

God TV has £1.6m in bank when they need just to keep going, £6.8m (divided by 2 around £3.4m).
As I pointed out before; if you have been keeping a whether eye on God TV Missions Week Performance and the plethora of Projects viewers are supposed to get behind that the spending ‘in faith’ or no money/unpaid suppliers/forced credit lines etc that God TV’s current Liabilities exceed Assets.
We all know that the three months they have in Reserves will keep them going-for three months. Beyond Rory Alec putting off the evil day it looks increasingly like we won’t be subject the uniquely dreadful tv that so distinguishes itself from stations such as TBN, Daystar etc.
At current rates only £40,000 per day is coming in, hardly enough to keep 200 dedicated staff busy When in real life in all honesty they need £1.2m- 900,000 per day to make it; plus full viewer compliance behind the latest schemes.
God TV is adopting a business as usual approach by putting on understated MW coverage. But what is really needed is an all out effort by the Alecs and their Team to stop God TV from being headed towards it’s imminent and disgraceful demise (Israel Government Negev projects,Israel Recognition Centre, the unpaid for Israel Broadcast Centre in prime real estate Jerusalem, Recogniton Centre proposed ditto;the Million Trees Project revived in spite of viewers ‘votes’, the endless parade of unpaid suppliers, Satellite providers (this is an unpaid Satellite bill folks). you get the picture.
So as this is a short post, prepare yourselves for the imminent demise of God TV.

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