NEWSFLASH: God TV revives Million Trees in Negev Desert Campaign after only recieving 3/5ths of the Pledge Fulfillments

God TV in an unexpected move has re-instated the Million Trees Project destined for the Negev and other parts of Israel; in a move to claim unfulfilled Pledges totalling 200,000 as a sum of £5m raised resulting in a dramatic burial in the Negev Desert.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are now working with the Negev Major to develop the land-but those of us in the know,know that God TV’s Financial History will only mean another lot of unpaid suppliers, wages and Rory Alec’s normal hyperbole.

So as we know Missions Week has been set for March 17th with NO END DATE STATED ON GOD TV. This is because last year as the Credit Crunch took shape GOD TV TOOK 8 WEEKS to raise £5m, and the sums raised means that on my current predictions, even if they had a good Missions ‘week’ then God TV is indeed performing a slow terminal cancer laden burial.


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