Newsflash God TV needs between $12-20m (God TV Daily Devotional)

I was listening to the God TV Devotional which as you know prays daily for God TV’s needs in the Prayer Room when I heard this: GOD TV NEEDS BETWEEN $12-20m dollars.

It is just Febraury 2009 and we are not even on Spring  Missions Week which leads me to believe that Rory and Wendy might do an early call to deal with the up till now hidden financial Crisis that they have trie d to hide beneath a viewer persuading programmes on the Endtimes and on Kingdom Finances. (Normally they increase Financial programmes towards Missions Week in order to teach viewers to give to them so this is unusaul).

God TV’s Annaul Budget is £12.5m or $36m meaning on non inflation of figures they are without a large proportion of their Budget and they might technically be bankrupt but am in denial as per usaul.

We all remember the Million Trees Appeal of last Missions Week Winter 2008, where they asked for the entire £12.5m/$36m and only got less than £5m in sterling meaning they needed they carried a deficit of £6.5m carried over to this year which means in effect a total figure of $18m deficit meaning $20m is not an unfeasible figure.

Add onto God TV’s marginal propensity to spend above their means ie not only rise above £12-16m($36m) but even stretch it, the above need would therefore not be surprising to the long term Readers of this Blog and those who follow this Blogs lead in God TV Financial Reporting.

252 word count.

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