Ngedi the location of the Million Trees Project looks a most unpromising place see this link

If you look carefully the Desert does not look very capable of sustaining life. As it is near to the Red Sea it is near to a key symbolic location. Are God TV REALLY gonna plant any trees in this? Has the Israel Government given them a poor location because they are such pests and to show them a lesson?

Earlier I saw this link

Amenia is quite big as a country, is Israel bigger or are they roughly similar.

400,000 trees ROUNDED take up most of land that would effectively reforest the desolate Armenia which is right to do what it does. If we consider that Israel is perhaps a bit bigger but of limited space then I would suggest that this project is not an environmental one but  a vain attempt to drum up support using the Israel platform of the viewers lost to God TV since the Lakeland Scandal.

If you look carefully this is JOYNER all over who is arrogant enough to suggest that one day Morning star might give to the Goverment (!!). This if you agree has Joyner all over it.

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