NEWSFLASH Here is a link to Charities Commission website giving financial breakdowns of accounts they reckon GOD TV WILL LAST ONLY THREE MONTHS ON RESERVES FRONT!!!


Here is the link. Save it to your HDD ‘s as God TV and its mates are notorious for scrubbing digital footprints and for going undercover under the guise of just the evangelism agenda. (if you read this blog closely and it’s original www the governmental goals of god tv you will notice that god tv lays claims to at least 14 calls, 15 as Israel Gardner Nurturer given pro Zionist stance modus operandi.

A quick perusal reveals: They have no investment income which strikes me as stupid folly, they run in deficit. Charity Commission documents reveal deficits and regular readers and followers of the God TV missions week saga will know how many times the viewers have bailed them out and or they had a serendiptous luck with viewers gaining Hong Kong India etc (or not they lost India and got it back went from 15 sattellites to 7 over 50% decline Special projects personnel went up 2/1/3rds from Woodrow to european chap and Bo sanders). They once again seem lax on compliance. it is of course advantageous to the blogging community that we when we find documents SAVE THEM TO OUR HARD DRIVE AS A MATTER OF COURSE and save Charity Commision documents for further honest scrutiny that can’t be spun by the God TV spin machine (or Cross Rhythms, Message to Schools, Innervation etc etc their list is too long and too horrible). All the above plus the financial missions week God tV commentary and discussion online should mean that while God TV bullshits us with unsubstantiated claims such as 100,000 saved as result of ministry or audiences of 137m 437m etc if we are able to access Nielsonm Hitwise and Qauntcast and other official data including satellite statistics we should be more than able to privately counter their claims


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