NEWSFLASH! I have found a copy of God TV Accounts on Charity Commision Website!!

draft i don’t know how to put a link to charity commission site to post a link so all can download the 2006

Here it is. Evidently I saw only files from 2006 so years from 1995-2005 and 2007,2008 have not been filed yet. This would suggest laxness with UK regulatory system maybe laziness? Obviously since God TV are in the States, now China (!!!!), Hong Kong, Asia, Arabian states they have to submit to any law and regulations there. 

I wonder if we will find out about God TV Key staff pay rates. I understand from a further secret period that they like to pay themselves well but don’t mind pressurising vulnerable people for their funds whether dedicated or not to cars, university etc important an Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel which as you know is not the UK culture altough God can most certainly bless us financially and bless our ministries churches etc

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