The Proposed God TV ‘ Recognition’Centre in prime Jerusalem real estate and the Million Plus (!!) Tree Forrest which would be the largest in Isr

08/11/2008 11:51



The Proposed God TV ‘ Recognition’Centre in prime Jerusalem real estate and the Million Plus (!!) Tree Forrest which would be the largest in Israel

God TV in typical God TV style not only proposes a £!2.5m ($25,000 US) budget in period leading up to March/April Missions Week( for as we know this fundraising exercise happens twice a year without fail) but desires to plant the largest Forest in Israel, and to crown it a Reservoir not counted in the £12.5m figure plus a ‘God TV Recognition Centre’ in prime real estate just near and or adjacent to the Sixth Floor where the Broadcast Centre is. (On a shared building by the way as typifies all God TV Buildings even with claims of ‘Angel HOUSE’ where God TV does NOT own whole building).

Lets look at God TV’s REAL stake in buildings?

  1. The Israel Broadcast Centre is only on ONE floor there are FIVE that God TV does NOT occupy.
  2. Angel HOUSE as they call it operates on a similar basis. They must be thugs and bullies to get their Identity on the front entrance in order to look big and good or have forced gagging orders on Companies occupying the various floors that of course God TV does not occupy.
  3. Washington DC Central Office the hub of God TV the pitch next to the real guys in Broadcasting is more luck than money. God TV and the Gospel must look pitful considering Pat Robertson brought the Building. Grace Media has the details I need to find the reference.
  4. Plymouth Research and Development Centre is really the IPTV hub of God TV. Research and Development if it happens is simply scouring the earth for like minded and or powerful folks who can swing it influence wise in God TV’s direction.
  5. The Florida Partners Office is rented deliberately to distract viewers from the Washington DC news in order to make God TV look bigger and more powerful and rich than it actually is.
  6. The India Office is starving for funds as Thomas Robinson was pleaded funds for soaring costs.
  7. Australasia it is likely that God TV has opened a small office in order to have a presence there especially near to Hillsongs which has global reach something God Tv likes very much.
  8. Hong Kong is a mini office a minute cupboard where all the God TV business is transacted.

All this is adding up folks.

Add in Distribution China could be gone, they lost distribution in India and got it back.

Means there is stuff they are not telling us about the true state of their accounts.

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