Million Trees £12.5m funds MW NEWSFLASH: Why is God TV using Formulaic Wealth Transfer Messages on top of viewer house repossessions, suicidal ideations up, job losses and unemployment?

Why does God TV run formulaic messages on The Wealth Transfer rather than addresss the flocks REAL needs which are acute given that we in the UK and also evidently the World are in Recession, have the worst financial crisis since the 1930’s, unemployment is rocketing, and the Economic and Financial Sector is reeling in a desperate attempt to explain/analyse what is happening which as we know is of an unprecedented and unknown nature.?

If you are a Pastor don’t you think this ignores and covers up the REAL needs of people who are suffering in various degrees whether they work or not. Houses cannot be sold or where they are, their sales are causing a famine in Estate Agency meaning Estate Agents and Estate Agency’s are being closed down. Have the Healing Ministries noticed the blatent insensitivy and apparent disregard with which God TV view their viewers? Jobs are being lost, Charities are being hit, The CHURCH is being hit (Chelmsford Diocesian Figures given in Service). Suicide threats are up 25% (early headline in beginning of Crisis). But God TV only pays scant regard to these facts by just adopting the Formulaic easy to manage and handle Word of Faith Message. Gods under Shepherds must be and will be acutely aware of these problems leading to items in prayer meetings, prayer for the flock (I don’t know how Pastors work but I imagine this). They would be aware fo suicidal and mentally ill members of their flock. The work of God would be adjusting itself shoehorning herself around the wounded Body. Can it be that Pastors and Healing Ministries that the LORD has raised would not factor in the damage done by such an insensitive callous and disregarding approach?

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