NEWSFLASH: Roy Fields tour cost loads too!!!!!!!!!!Additional cost pressures on a already liability laden god tv

Roy Fields uK tour over past 2 months would be two months of broadcasting costs, which at the present moment I have no idea of but guess might be £50,000 per pop. out with the calculator and estimate maybe a revival of the B2b campaign costing an inestimable cost.(see previous posts). 

This is on top. God TV needs a breakthrough. Gonna plant em there. whole forest waiting. Pity rory and wendy aren’t present to God.  Rory and Wendy are workaholics (unsurprisingly) and Roy Fields is acting as a very able secretly deployed Spokesman. The UK needs a joyner KCP NAR ETC type of Revival. Bentley took this line as well. God only knows what will come out in prophetic terms when it comes to so called ‘words of knowledge’ about all kinds of illnesses from cancer to very major persisting long term mental illness.

I think this will be a Bentleyesque exercise minus Bentley tactics ie kicking cancer patients at Stage 4. The prophetic we are so accustomed too is gonna rear its head yet again. God TV will ALWAYS have its fans pastors etc but if finance and support is anything to go by then we will need to watch Field as much as we watched Bentley, NAR, KCP etc and watch the shit hit the proverbial prophetic church fan.

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