NEWSFLASH: Roy Fields is God TV Ambassador to restore the Lakeland Florida outpouring!!!!

He has just given out LAKELAND CD’s. he has spoken about Lakeland in positive terms. He speaks the language of God TV/Rick Joyner/NAR/KCP read it all the way. He has been on an abassadorial trip with God TV to breath life back into Lakeland WHICH HAS SEEN CHURCHES CLOSING DOWN BECAUSE OF LAKELAND on New Years Eve!!  We all know God TV’s Position on Lakeland the the destruction of lives and Ministries let you see this as a living example of all their contempt for the sufferings inflicted on the Church and lost as a result of the Lakeland Scandal and their adherence to it protecting their reputation no matter the cost. Fast Post. I predict MW supporting words FULLY BRIEFED BY RORY AND WENDY OVER THE DINNER TABLE OF COURSE SUPPLEMENTED BY EMAIL ETC ETC and wendy’s prophecies.

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