Pre-Winter Missions Week God TV Post: My Predictions as to the money wanted do you think I got it right!!!???!!


Forthcoming Financial Expenses expected to soar of God TV.

I predict a deficit in region of $6m (Bentley), with accelerations with now six months of B2B which will bump up their costs like nobody’s business adding cost of projected but not got? 25,000 troupers from the God TV Fan Club.


120 days have been broadcasts means we are in for a very entertaining time as we watch the Alecs plead viewer compassion for their endemic overspending and ignoring as ever the Bankers, Creditors and legions of unpaid suppliers.

My maths may be awful but they don’t have 21m UK Viewers ready to do several streets for the next Six Months.

500,000 is God TV’s maximum global viewership minus the sky-rocketing viewerships due to Bentley Revival phenomenon.


PROPOSED CHINA EXPANSION : China is announced on Winter Missions Week at cost of£6.5m

CONFIRMED! 5m extra homes in China with promises of predicted expansion all over the nation of 1bn desirable people!

Add in China proposed expansion (the prophetic shit hits the prophetic fan so to speak witness pastors ministering in China and the fact that the Church HAS to be underground to survive).



£100,000 per annum per feed. NOT ANNOUNCED BUT WENDY ALEC IN DISCUSSION FOR THIS BUT NOT ANNOUNCED ON WINTERS MISSIONS WEEK ORIGINAL DATE START SEPT 11 2008, CANCELLED TWICE (BTS) now Oct 13th -Nov 29th the Forty Days of prayer and fasting for God TV Finances Distribution Israel projects etc etc




£100,00 per annum Vine Church doing publicity and PR under Pastor what’s-his-name? extened to Macau TV and IPTV platforms as in undeclared IPTV centre in Plymouth Devon labelled variously as the ‘Research and Development Centre’


Reversals of Financial decisions needed to protect the Ministry and keep it in existence

  1. God TV decision to go ahead with B2B campaign and cover literally every street in the UK (!!!) which I estimate at 21m on population of 65m including No-Go Areas, Asylums or Care in the Community Complexes, Gated Communities, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and the City and other oases of the Rich, deprived Estates overridden with crime, ethnic ghettos (depending on which ethnicity is in ghetto) when Programme Guide mail outs and production were stopped due to not being able to afford them, and sending out a large foldable leaflet of Highlights instead (supplemented with God TV Weekly Emailer advertised on Behind the Screens) bumping up costs immeasurably. If you wish to send out 21m leaflets out with 21m viewers once a week you will increase your viewership as there is a yield (most are not participants in God TV but spectators which the Alec’s despise and wish to change). 21M leaflets x 120 day period (including Christmas? August Holiday Period, School Holidays perhaps????!!!) and you will see that once again God TV can’t afford it and will bump up their costs to an untenable degree. Even 25,000 viewers doing B2B stuff yielding 750,000 viewers.doing all 120 days (very few I guess who will in all likelihood be featured in PR videos and spliced into MW Advertorial coverage). God TV has now done an Insert for B2B participants…I don’t think they have this planned out, costed out or had the cheek to wish to win the favour of the Banks and the legions of Unpaid Suppliers.

  2. Bentley Revival thing I estimate $6m cost for MW this September 2008.

  3. BAHAMAS estimate £100,000 cost per annum depending on what they can pull off. Wendy Alec.

  4. CHINA (persecution, underground Church) and I believe God TV will endanger Chinese Church prophetically whoever they get from the Underground Chinese Church to do their PR for them (just tell the viewers how you use God TV which definitely has good on it and God can use dodgiest geezer to extend His Kingdom)

Am I right in reckoning that God TV is most likely to be viewed as a poor Credit risk and Bad Payer in the era of the Credit Crunch and most likely to fall as the Credit Crunch weeds out all weak businesses, ministries etc. God TV and the Message to schools bunch;Innervation, etc look most vulnerable.



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