NEW GOD TV’S Actual Broadcast Statistics: 500,000 Global audience less than half of those who filled Grant Park for Obamas Victory Speech at his Presidency

God TV claims Figures between 437m and 137m. Somewhere I saw Pastor steve Hill rightly said their Audience global share is actually500,00 not millions figure stated. God TV is right however to quote the numerous leakage nations which watch it which is justifiably huge but any viewers hoping to get God TV in their ‘leakage’ nation might wait in vain as their financial record is not exactly a strong one. (See God TV for Leakages as they are many but Satellite Leakage Statistics maketh not the Ministry Viewers).

The Ministries that DO have a bn footprint are Daystar and TBN. There are hundreds of Christian stations radio and TV that one has no living awareness of but God TV claims a governmental role concerning event them due to compulsions brought on by ‘walking the talk’ of Rick Joyners pernicious doctrines especially see the famous Page 61 for the details of the Fivefold who will dismand dismantled I would add ALTAR THE CHARATER OF MINISTRIES IE REVELATION GENESIS, ME, THERE ARE MANY OTHERS I NEED TO PRODUCE A LIST. God TV does not have consistent stable and steady finances that support such ambitions. It claims such viewerships as you see and if you examine the claims you might think I am right. ONE BILLION is greater than the BBC and other mainstream terristorial stations. Joyner comically said how he wished Morning star Ministries to donate money to the Government which is mind numbingly crazy and implausible. Heritage USA purchase of £1,5m was done with a help of a millionaire friend. Joyner is a minority pastime just like NAR, ICA, Elijah List and of course Lakeland who all issue from that ilk.

To make up for smallness God TV and mates Message to schools, Innervation, Cross rhythms, Gilead, NAR, ICA, try to make up IN POLITICALLY DARK CONTROLLING AND JEZEBELLIC TERMS** WHAT THEY LACK IN ACTAUL FINANCIAL AND SPIRITUAL POWER WHICH IS DONE IN A MALEVOLENT WAY threatening the Ministries from TWR (aggh sweetie little mike rimmy babes) Revelation Genesis their most formidable threatw which they are trying to dilute with God TV’s ex producer bloke who has God TV in him for 9 years but obviously views Revelation Genesis as God tV channel3 in americanising and NAR KCP etc all Revelation Genesis TV content. Colchester has been affected by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyy activity protected.

I was cursed by them and God was not able to do all that he wanted to do in my life.

Regard as in danger any ministry or Church that is regarded as ‘coming in the way’ and pray that you see the devils tactics in the godless abberant actions of the joyner following God TV who claims evangelism as the sole criterion for giving and realise that though they will deny it and not provide evidence of statistics via Nielson** the broadcast statistics monitor; they are in fact a Minority Pastime and that includes by the grace of god 500,000 global audience NOT the 137m to 437m stated often by the very arrogant not giving hard published Nielson Datad God TV.

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