Criticisms and Judgements, attacks and I believe NOT seeing and hearing what God is doing in HIS Church

Criticisms and Judgements Attackings and Underminings

In Sung Form***and Prose

Tuesday, 04 September 2007

21:42:46 a9/p9 The Cross and need to create in order to take all this rubbish and accusation.





‘Many times you don’t understand the Word’ Steve Hill The Bed of Affliction God Channel.


Music as in Service and Music as in Lifestyle. Chris Cole Dream on TV


Wendy Alecs use of SPIRITS-DEMONS to minister to the Viewers which is likely to create very great distress for the hapless viewers. Pastors and Church Leaders take note.

Rick Joyner and Saints grasp of the Resurrection (rick joyner)

The Bed of Affliction Steve Hill often repeated on God TV the assumption being that Christians  are struggling with sins rather than being in saved position.

How this constitutes an attack.


Suzi ‘You STILL rolled the stone away’


Dismantling and disbanding Campaign  of Churches ,Individaul, Ministries of whatever type.

 Ministries and persons affected constitute a whole new post that goes beyond the sorrows forced on Genesis Revelation TV.

 Plenty of material as it abounds on God Channel.!!


Flakey Christianity  No compromise. WE are flakey they of course are not and are fit to judge.

Churches Rory Alec and Wendy have low views of the Church disproportionate to Gods true loving redeeming workin his Church.

I could simply list Verbatim commentary and carry on ad infitinum. If you are unfortantate enough to belong to this sorry little mess I would advise you get God TV to send you a few prophets like NAR AND also people like Bentley who I hope gets healed and restored to sort us out; being loving and friendly and offering us to see this band or that band etc is just the ticket.

The effect of such as barrage is the following: demoralisation, disabelief about sanctification and change and healing in effect Gods work in individaul church etc. A bowing to joyner sources requiring vast sums of money are spent American trips might just be in order witness the florida bentley lakeland debacle and fallout all over the church which God tv have chosen to ignore, foisting apologetic burden on their ‘friends; which are useful to divert embarassing publicity that could seriously damage God TV’s Missions Week performance and their reputation as  whole which has ridden high, and how is in the dust of shame and error.

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