God TV Pre-Missions Week Post ‘Pray that [our staff] get PAID!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Should we pray that THE Message Staff get paid or for a change of attitudes of Message Directors??

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me


So we are supposed to pray they get PAID!!!!. This means Andy Hawthorne THE Message Director is being feckless and irresponsible with Employee well being. Andy Hawthorne is quite prepared to subject his Staff with unpaid bills, domestic family strain, strain on family or single persons ambitions in order to have the hapless Supporter bail them out again and again and again ad infinitum. This of course does not always happen. The sums are too big £3m for goodness sake, the money has already been spent and Suppliers not paid. ( I would be interested to hear from Supplier who have’nt been paid by God TV The Message Trust like Markosia etc) and Andy Hawthorne, Rory and Wendy Alec don’t have the gift of Fundraising (every Hall Rebuild and Building Project a rebuke to them financed of course).. So The Message and God TV are in deficit that is in the RED, the banks are unhappy and threaten action, Financial Directors are beside themselves with anger (hidden Thou Shalt not be Angry with the mighty Prophetic Andy Hawthorne and the Alecs neither complain but have faith and WOF away the Crises); this creates financial pressure threatening the very existence of the Ministry and before you know it we are going down.
Fundraising, Tithing etc ability to raise is a Gift like winning Support/ers I suppose.
nb I have just realised that God TV Joyner have Websites which they spam with material citing their very wonders.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Dear Precious Viewer A Big God Bless you. YOU can email the Computer whilst we get on with whatever we are doing

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me online

So dear Viewer,
Look at that magnificent Computer. Not for you the pleasures of interaction ie Anita Anaud, Terry Wogan,Steve Wright etc for Examples but a COMPUTER. This dear precious beloved one without whose financial contribution and endless prayer this Ministry literally does not exist-email The Computer, plonk Voice Mails on (We can deal with them en route to the Studio as we do a bit of Preparation in the Journey up in the Car as we can’t be bothered to prepare-anyway we are too busy having fun to bother with you and your stupid emails, voicemails etc .
But dear precious beloved most highly esteemed Viewer you who got back the Indian Satellite contract after they pulled out of it, you who coughed up because we only put up 20% of the sum expecting you as usaul to cough up for our various financial deficits HELP HELP dear Viewer kiss kiss kiss kiss Have you got Wendy Alecs latest Wonder Novel, Edward John’s fantastic Album, done your support for Jennifer the anointed Wonder Woman Hughes the Prophet who is correcting the erring Churches with her every word and furrowed emphatic eyebrow, or have you got latest Against all odds (must keep up don’t believe those nasty sites now won’t you) hands up hands up. We are one big happy family full of love and care one mass under the Alecs. Just email that Computer, spend that money and if you send us another awkward email asking pesky questions WE WILL DELETE IT shssssssssssssh secret!

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God TV will fail

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A Poem I wrote in frustration at what I see on ‘God’ TV

October 2, 2007 · No Comments

Look at them,
prayerless ugliness, prophetic obscenity, casting away the Bride the Bridegroom LOVES.
Grovel grovel creep creep,
mounting debts, in the red, expecting the viewers to bail them out,
whilst concerns and problems difficulties and issues are deleted away.
Accountability is shunned, and the
people are hurt.
God’s apple is harmed.
People he LOVES don’t know the wounds that afflict them,
and wonder why their lives are dragged down
into the depths of wonder and infatuation
ending up with problems without end.

Look at them, contempt in their eyes, cold distant, wanting to escape.
the thing that Jesus loves HIS CHURCH.
divorced separated from the roots that nourish,
this funny movement insists on its way
ambulances and crises the price we pay.
(copyrightkjah2007 in style of yale and Pam ayers on Oneword 200& between the lines

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‘Big Decisons to make’ IHOP prayer for God TV God TV Devotional Mike Bickle

October 1, 2007 · No Comments

God TV Devotional Unedited Outpourings

Summer 2007

Date Posted:01/10/07


Management Team God TV A Verbatim Account

‘Big decisions’

Raise up wall of fire

That [God TV] might be

Radiant in righteousness,

The Leadership Team 200 members families of.

25 Staff members Jerusalem centre

Psa 91

Supernatural unity we rebuke the spirit of oppression, Q HAS THIS BEEN REBUKED OR IS THERE SOMETHING MORE GOING ON HERE?

GLORY into families and children

You shall not be moved J BC,

£2m to pay J BC

IHOP conscript on this!!!

Spiritual financial provision we speak.

Prayer division develop,

How to improve this emails

As part of God TV intercessors.

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