BBC Statistics and Christian Broadcasting Statistics

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me online

I believe Premier has 300,000
Rmusic 300, 000 Making Premier and RTV Market Leaders in the UK.
RTV 130,000 going up taking God TV share of 150,000.How much percentage has God TV Viewer figs being eaten into?
Plus Viewers leaving God TV in droves,
BBC Figures in link as a measure of normality. I am not an expert in Broadcasting data but this is only an exercise in normality and estimation based on (leaked) figures.(protected ID’s)
Pat Robertson 700 Club has a million worldwide viewers which gives him a chance to influence American and other publics to a US Centric Republican agenda. (Charity for poor, low taxes for rich, Operation Blessing has it all Charity being the consequence of a low privatised State.
Figures are hard to come by which should be normal for Christian Viewers and Listeners. The Body of Christ needs to demand change.

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