Should we pray that THE Message Staff get paid or for a change of attitudes of Message Directors??

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me


So we are supposed to pray they get PAID!!!!. This means Andy Hawthorne THE Message Director is being feckless and irresponsible with Employee wellbeing. Andy Hawthorne is quite prepared to subject his Staff with unpaid bills, domestic family strain, strain on family or single persons ambitons in order to have the hapless Supporter bail them out again and again and again ad infinitum. This of course does not always happen. The sums are too big £3m for goodness sake, the money has already been spent and Suppliers not paid. ( I would be interested to hear from Supplier who have’nt been paid by God TV The Message Trust like Markosia etc) and Andy Hawthorne, Rory and Wendy Alec don’t have the gift of Fundraising (every Hall Rebuild and Building Project a rebuke to them financed of course).. So The Message and God TV are in deficit that is in the RED, the banks are unhappy and threaten action, Financial Directors are beside themselves with anger (hidden Thou Shalt not be Angry with the mighty Prophetic Andy Hawthorne and the Alecs neither complain but have faith and WOF away the Crises); this creates financial pressure threatening the very existence of the Ministry and before you know it we are going down.
Fundraising, Tithing etc ability to raise is a Gift like winning Support/ers I suppose.
nb I have just realised that God TV Joyner have Websites which they spam with material citing their very wonders.

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