Total Viewing Figures of My Sites:Lycos, WordPress and Blogger

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me online

13,000 (Lycos WordPress I click site)
3000 (
216 views of profile in (Blogger.)
I have just viewed Harvestnet visitors
have the same (!!!!)
It has always been my heart to be like Harvestnet as what I see epitomises best practice in websites. Like Harvestnet I have seen The Ex’es the Malcontents of God TV Joyner-a sign this site is useful to those ‘in the game’ so to speak who have to be hidden and unknown although questions are many.It is not my heart to accuse only point out to what one can already see if one bothers to look long enough and close enough.
In reply to Commenter’s who commented I didn’t have comments. In case you hadn’t noticed Comments isnt the thing. Numbers are. I have already factored in peeps being wary of commenting on the difficulty of the material presented (God TV BTS is everyday 3 x day from once a week); I also have factored in The Fans. Its no use being grumpy about those who rave about God TV Joyner etc. What I have noticed or should I say who is that when the shit hits the fan-all love and care of God TV and Joyner and Co is a bitterly regretted heart-breaking act.
Anyway the Grand Total speak for themselves and I can calculate that God TV viewer figs are in their thousands NOT MILLIONS an exaggeration by Rory Alec to make God tV look more popular than it is.
Financial soundness is also another indicator of popularity and you know how Rory hates to save money preferring to spend it in another fit of illusory global expansionism.

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