God TV talks about a Billion Souls that TBN is able to convert millions but that is too small for God TV wanting a Billion Souls the largest amount

TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network

God TV is  minnow swimming in a sea of whales making exaggerated claims for its percieved size and sense of itself. The Minnow as we all know follows Joyner Theology which is inerrantly Governmental in nature meaning they seee themselves atop every tree going in Christendom and in the World through NAR and 7 mandates. If you watch closely you will notice NAR, ICA, 7 MOUNTAINS, speakers feature heavily on the Channel. So although they claim to be evangelistic; the CHURCH transformation agenda is everywhere on the Channel, and God TV doesn’t want you to think anything more of them beyond the socially acceptable evangelistic accounts.
Daystar God TV Total Budget is size of Daystar Charity Budget of $10.00 $12.00m UPDATE: God TV has doubled it’s Budget to £25m and now a jaw dropping £36m. Plans are afoot to match TBN and it’s other major Competitor with a overall Budget outlay of £100m (citation somewhere i think endtime prophet words).

TBN is the worlds largest Faith Broadcaster reaching over 100m people. Daystar is TBN ‘s nearest Competitor with similar programmes with engaging hosts. Both stations ought to be compared and contrasted with one another to see the various differences so in a face off GodTV will inevitably lose against the character, programming, and presence of the above stations.  We only have to look at the comparative budgets and relative success rate in fundraising to realise that.

An approximate guess at total overall TV and Radio Stations

There must be at least 300-500? Christian Broadcasters worldwide. Hype of God TV distorts it. Gospel=Joyner driven as sole repository of the Gospel.God TV hypes itself as the sole source of Christian Broadcasting hence ‘blocking’ the view of the other stations who no doubt are more successful even if they are tiny independent stations.

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