Is going in the RED really living ”in faith” as Rory and Wendy and their mates Message to Schools would say

‘God is the HEALER and he hears the prayers of HIS PEOPLE..’From a prophecy given to me online

So bump up the DEBT and put high pressure tactics on the poor viewer to pay up.
US Population 300m 16m on Direct TV is tiny.
Only RAJAR/NIELSON figures are to be believed not all the HYPE about sattellite footprints.
So Programmes are not paid for eiether. I wonder if £4m is on the Menu for Missions Week/Fundraising Week. Their expansion is nothing but a Sales Rep led expensive farce.
I think God would be angry as well.
Protect me LORD Satan does NOT like TRUTH and Sheep lives and relationships destroying (harvestnet) is just what he wants.
I also think its a not so trival heart matter that has gotton out of hand.

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